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Automated Natural Ventilation

This is an advanced natural ventilation system that enables a building to directly respond to environmental conditions.  While sensors work automatically, the end user can still keep control via the override function.


  • Rain sensor.
  • Room temperature controller (thermostat).
  • Timer.
  • Wind/rain controller (weather station).
  • CO2 sensor.

System Components


  • VRS10, REM42, REM230: rain detectors.
  • RTR231, ITR79B: thermostats.
  • TR608, TR612: timers series.
  • WRG82, WDS80: wind/rain station.

Other Components:

  • VCD Series chain drives.
  • CDC Series chain drives.
  • KA Series chain drives.
  • ZA Series rack and pinion drives.
  • GVL control panels.
  • LT vent buttons.

Natural Ventilation Benefits:

  • Convenient, easy to use.
  • Space and cost saving compared with mechanical systems (no requirement for plant rooms, duct work, new filters, duct cleaning).
  • Reduction in CO2 emissions.
  • Can be used as building blocks in creating integrated ventilation systems.
  • Simple, regular maintenance required. WCS offers a training, education and demonstration, as well as an annual six-point inspection.
  • Suitable for controlling window sashes and louvre banks.