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Natural Ventilation

Natural ventilation is the process of supplying and removing air through an indoor space without using mechanical systems.  The windows should be on high-level places (2m or more from the finished floor level) in an attempt to create a cross-ventilation effect.

Product Benefits:

  • Convenient, easy to use.
  • Space and cost savings, compared with mechanical systems (no requirements for plant rooms, duct work, new filters, duct cleaning).
  • Reduction in CO2 emissions.
  • Can be used as building blocks in creating automated and integrated ventilation systems.
  • Suitable to control window sashes and louvre banks.
  • End users can override automated operations (to avoid a feeling of no control).

Due to the flexible nature of the system, it is possible to design systems with advanced features:

Application 1: Automated System

Automated System responds to the environmental conditions like rain, temperature and wind directly, using sensors.  The system also allows for override function, thus allowing end-users to retain final control of the system.

Application 2: Integrated System

D+H Mechatronic natural ventilation components fit perfectly with other mechanical services, commonly named a Building Management System (BMS).  The natural ventilation system effectively becomes a secondary system, completely controlled by BMS.

System Components:

  • VCD Series chain drives.
  • CDC Series chain drives.
  • KA Series chain drives.
  • ZA Series rack and pinion drives.
  • GVL control panels.
  • LT vent buttons.