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Shaft and Lever

Shaft and lever control gear has proven to be a robust and economical solution following decades of use.  Designed for use on high level windows (2m or more from finished floor level), shaft and lever is operated from a gearbox at a convenient height with electric operation being a common option.  Its robust design means that shaft and lever technology is ideal for controlling large windows and those in high wind areas.  An ideal solution for schools, industrial buildings and public areas, particularly those requiring cost effective solutions.

Products Available:

Manual Shaft and Lever

Electric Shaft and Lever

Application Information:

  • Maximum number of sashes with 2 arms: 6.
  • Maximum number of sashes with 1 arm: 8.
  • Maximum shaft length: 7500mm.
  • Maximum riser height: 5400mm.

Operating Features:

  • Projected windows must be installed with non-friction stays or hinges.
  • Opening controlled to 270mm of travel.
  • Two arms per sash fitted to jambs on sashes over 1000mm wide or one arm fitted to the sill for sashes under 1000mm.
  • Maximum size and weight of sashes dependent on the configuration and nature of each installation.
  • Cannot be fitted around corners.
  • Difficult to fit curtains and blinds.

Control Configurations Available:

  • End control, left hand and right hand.
  • Intermediate control.
  • Central control.