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Smoke Ventilation

Smoke ventilation is a life-saving feature, with up to 90% of deaths from fire being caused by smoke.  Smoke and combustion gases rise up towards the ceiling, making it the logical solution to use high-level opening windows as a means to ventilate the affected area, enabling all building dwellers to evacuate safely.

Window Control Systems has been an NZ provider of smoke ventilation solutions for more than 20 years, building on the experience of D+H Mechatronic.

Window Control Systems offers a wide range of fire rated window actuators. Fire rating for window actuators is specified by the length of time they can continue operating at a certain temperature level.  All D+H fire rated actuators are capable of operating for at least 30 minutes at temperature of 300°C, providing time for evacuation. Actuators also have high-speed function for a fast window opening in the event of fire.

Enhanced Smoke Ventilation:

It is possible to use smoke ventilation also as natural ventilation. In addition, it can be transformed into an automated system as well as an integrated system.

System Components:

  • KA Series chain drives.
  • CDC Series chain drives.
  • ZA Series rack and pinion drives.
  • RZN smoke control panels.
  • LT vent buttons.


  • 90% of all fire casualties are victims of toxic smoke.
  • D+H solutions are based on 40 years of experience.
  • All components are certified (EN, DIN).
  • Aligned with the new NZ regulation.


  • Integrated with natural ventilation.
  • Staircase pressurization.
  • Fire-proof components.